Extended Error Codes

When returning an error (HTTP codes 4xx), the API response will include a JSON object providing more details about the cause of the error, to help you fix its cause.

Additionally, errors caused by invalid field names or values will include the specific validation failure.

The following table lists the codes and the common root causes.

Service Code Error message Troubleshooting tips
Generic 10000 Service not found Check the name of the service in the URL.
Generic 10001 Method not allowed This service doesn’t implement the requested HTTP method.
Generic 10003 Request could not be understood by the server Common causes include:
* an unexpected Content-Type header or a body for requests that don’t accept a request body
* Invalid body format or JSON
* Missing required argument.
Generic 10100 Internal server error Returned when the server failed to process a valid request.
Generic 10300 Object not found Returned when trying to update or delete an object that doesn’t exist. Check the UUID or name used to identify the object.
Generic 10301 Illegal identifier specified Request provided an argument using the wrong type (e.g. UUID vs. name).
Generic 10303 Collection deletion error This API doesn’t support requests to delete an entire collection.
Auth 11000 Auth token is required Missing Authorization header or invalid format
Auth 11001 Invalid auth token Authentication token doesn’t exist or is restricted to a different network than the IP that originated the request.
Auth 11002 The auth token has expired Use a different token or update the expiration date of the current token.
Auth 11011 Permission denied The auth token doesn’t have access to the request service or resource.
Schema 11400 The parameters provided are incorrect JSON body doesn’t match the expected syntax or fields failed the validation checks.
Schema 11401 Content-Type not supported The Content-Type header must be application/json.
Schema 11402 Version is invalid The API version is must be v4.0 (https://rest.threatstop.com/v4.0/).
Device 12001 IP address already in use The device IP assigned to the device is already use in another account.
Device 12002 Account device limit exceeded The account has reached the maximum number of devices allowed by its subscriptions.
Device 12003 Invalid policy The name or UUID of the policy assigned to the device doesn’t exist or isn’t available to this account.
Device 12004 Cannot delete collection The request attempted to delete every device (not supported; delete device one at a time).
Device 12005 Device nickname is already in use Device nicknames must be unique within an account.
Device 12006 Policy required Missing policy field.
Check IOC 15000 Invalid IP address provided Check the IP address argument.
Check IOC 15001 Invalid address provided Check the DNS name argument.
RBAC 18600 Role currently assigned to user(s) Unassign the role before attempting to delete it.
RBAC 18601 Read-only role Predefined roles cannot be deleted or changed.
User Lists 19000 User list name is already in use User list names must be unique within an account.
User Lists 19011 IP range exceeded The API enforces a maximum subnet size (smaller than /8)
User Lists 19012 IP in forbidden range The API rejects RFC1918 IP subnets unless allow_bogon is True.
User Lists 19013 Domain name character length exceeded Domain names must be 200 characters long or less.
User Lists 19014 Domain name segment character length exceeded All segments of a domain name must be 63 characters long or less.
User Lists 19016 Cannot delete collection The API doesn’t allow deleting all user lists at once.
User Lists 19017 Cannot delete active user list The API doesn’t allow deleting a list currently assigned to a policy.
User Lists 19018 Invalid CIDR Subnets must be correctly aligned CIDR blocks.
User Lists 19019 Forbidden entry The domain or subnet is not allowed in user-defined lists.
User Lists 19050 Invalid address provided Invalid IP or domain; the response will display the first invalid value found.
User Lists 19051 Address limit exceeded The request would exceed the maximum number of entries in this User-Defined List.
User Lists 19052 Invalid expiration date provided Check the expiration date format.
User Lists 19053 Cannot change active user list type The type is immutable after the list is created.
User Lists 19054 Shared list update denied It is only possible to read (no updates) a list shared with your account.
Policy 21000 Policy name is already in use Policy names must be unique in your account.
Policy 21002 Policy type is required Missing policy type while creating a new policy.
Policy 21003 Target behavior is not supported Unknown RPZ behavior associated with a target.
Policy 21004 User list behavior is not supported Unknown RPZ behavior associated with a user list.
Policy 21005 Cannot delete active policy The policy is associated with a device. Update the policy on the device before retrying.
Policy 21006 Policy type cannot be changed The policy type (IP, DNS) is immutable.
Policy 21007 Target bundle behavior is not supported Unknown RPZ behavior associated with a target bundle.
Policy 21010 Global policies not available for this account You can’t edit a global policy.